Sunday, February 3, 2013

Winter morning

This is the view out the back door by the kitchen.  Weather has been very fickle lately, this morning low thirties, last week mid 60s to 70s.  Today the snow is a thin crisp crust on the fields.  Not sure how long the snow will stay.  It's time for winter pruning, which will be easy to do, but lots of vines to prune.  We'll be taking off all of last year's growth in order to continue to strengthen the root system.  By the end of this year we should have two strong trunks to grow the fruiting canes from and probably will see some grapes forming on some vines...especially the muscadine.  Most of the labor will again by tying up the vines mid summer.  The real intensive labor will begin the following year, which will probably mark our first harvest.  The lavender looks great and so far we will probably have all 120 plants survive, although the Spanish lavender is looking kinda puny in the snow.

Here's the first pastel of HU that I've created so far.  More to follow from time to time.

Spring isn't too far away now....


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