Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Hopeful Unity Farm, LLC
established 2010

Work is moving slowly and steadily.  Had to back up and get some permits straightened out, but that's been taken care of now and you can really see the progress.  Most of the plumbing and electric stuff has been wired.  Drywall (not from China) has been scoped and ordered.  Waiting for electric to finish to finish HVAC.  The subs are doing a terrific job and the finished interior is going to look amazing!  Most of the ductwork is being contained within the space between the brick and stud walls.  Exterior wood is almost finished with priming.  Ordering some of the master bath fixtures this weekend.  My brother and I spent a few hours weed whacking around the house, only for the weeds to grow back with fury in a matter of what seemed like hours.   Can see the finish pretty easily......and rowing season is in full swing now.

Second floor hallway/master bedroom/closet/sitting room