Friday, August 10, 2012

Butterfly time

Orange Sulphur butterflies, just sitting on the hot gravel after a rainstorm.  The fields are filled with all kinds of butterflies, dragonflies, and the last of the fireflies.  Must be all the Queen Anne's Lace and clover I've been growing.

You can see some of the natural flowers popping on all over the fields.  Teke has stopped to examine the grass to make it look like he's busy doing something. Took three hours of mowing to reduce the grass to a small carpet.  It's a balance to keep beneficial insects around with natural ground cover, and keep away the fungus with minimal use of natural fungicides.

Yup, you are really seeing some early growth grapes, surprised me too!  On the left: table grapes.  On the right, our first bunch of HU grapes, Sauvignon Blanc.

Over 2,000 vines.  That's a lot of vines.

Hope you've made it through the hottest part of the summer, which seems like it was the entire summer and most of the spring too.  Almost time to enjoy the cooler temperatures as we approach fall.