Sunday, October 21, 2012


Wow! Fall is upon us with darker hours spreading out across the day, like dark ink on blank paper.

Teke and Hope are very busy now, and are mostly successful keeping the deer away.  However, I've lost a baby magnolia (the deer chewed it in half) and a serviceberry sapling (they rubbed and chewed it out of the ground).  I should have noticed the deer crossing sign on the road shortly before the driveway to the house.....that would have been the first clue, right?   

Nevertheless, the dogs are very happy to have such an important job and take it very seriously.

Some big progress on the solar/wind power.  It took several months, a few hurdles with zoning, planning, and historic boards, and a manufacturer who would actually produce the panels this decade, to complete the panel installation.  You can see the panel mount at the end of the field in the right side of the photo, the anemometer on a pole that I repaired today closer to the vineyard on a pole, and the deep muddy furrows left by the truck that transported the parts for the panel and turbine.

Below, some surprise harvest from the garden that ran wildly away from me by late summer.  Made some yummy ratatouille and salsa from the lot.  Not pictured are the mammoth sweet potatoes harvested before the first frost.  They will last us throughout the winter.  here were a couple as large as softballs, and having never grown my own before, was eager to taste them.  I made a yummy sweet potato pie to share with friends during a fall harvest dinner we held here recently.

As we ready HU for winter, I look back on the year with a sense of both accomplishment and relief.  I'm forward to an externally imposed extended rest, and feeling very grateful for having been able to create this spot with the help of loving family and friends. Now we can all enjoy it, and get ready to hibernate as the nights grow colder.

Enjoy these lovely autumn nights, and keep on the lookout for shooting stars.