Monday, June 11, 2012

Flax and Lavender

I was up early this morning to take advantage of the relative cool (80 degrees on waking and over 100 degrees expected today)  This was a lucky shot, I didn't know the small insect was on the flax flower until after I took the shot and it flew on my hand.  Then I looked at the photo carefully.  The flax is starting to bloom, wonder what it'll look like with all the plants blooming.

A view from the lavender fields looking back towards the house and vineyard, weeding and watering takes only a few hours every couple of weeks.  

Painting with plants.

Life is much different as a lavender plant, you must enjoy heat and drought to thrive.

The French lavender is thriving, the Spanish lavender not so much.  Grosso and Munstead and Miss Katherine are all doing well.  Provence is having the toughest time.  More picture to follow as the plants fill out over time.  One trimming soon will ensure a compact habit.

Stay well hydrated, it's really hot outside.