Friday, September 17, 2010

The Australian influence

Not sure how it happened, but likely due to synchronicity, and parallel worlds in another hemisphere.....but we are making incredible progress now, within the last couple of weeks, it's looking like a new house on the inside.  So for instance here's the kitchen:

And the living room:

And the upstairs rooms on the main second floor (master bedroom, sitting room, bathroom):

And finally dining room:

So this beautiful work of art is starting to resemble a home, and final steps will be floors and finishing the kitchen and baths.  Painting trim and doors and room walls will be bit by bit.  Sometimes when I look back on all the effort that so many people have made and are still making I find it incredible that we've made it this far.  The other night Jeff and I were walking through as the sun went down, looking at his artistic solution to the windowsills by the glow of his cell phone.  He has taken a lot of pride in his work here and the journey with him has been an exercise in patience, courage, and perserverance for both of us.

Getting ready for the fall!