Sunday, December 25, 2011


Sometimes Suena leads Teke

Sometimes Teke leads Suena

No matter who is in the lead and who is following, even though they are different as dog and cat, they always enjoy the company of each other.



I finally decided on the backsplash tile and spent the last two weeks doing the job.  I selected 2x2 Carerra tile, which contrasts nicely with the Vermont soapstone counters.  It was a lot of fun and not too difficult.  The soapstone was given a drink today of mineral oil for its bimonthly conditioning, thus the shiny surface.  The last thing needed in the kitchen is the surround for the hood over the stove.  I've been searching for antique corbels and been working on the design.

The light in the kitchen is always warm and beautiful.

The vines are all ordered and will be here in the spring for the vineyard.

Happy holidays!