Monday, September 10, 2012

Praying mantis

There I was, enjoying the lavender fragrance and the buzz of the bees as I carefully trimmed this year's lavender growth in the front of the house.  And there was this very cheerfully posed Praying Mantis, stretching its legs, soaking up the sun, staring at me stare back at him or maybe her?  It stayed still long enough for me to run back inside to grab my air conditioned camera, which promptly frosted the lense when I went back into the summer heat.  Made for an interesting photo.

Lavender bounty

So the lavender is now neatly trimmed, the flowers fading into the fall, and the vines having a riot in the distant background.  The fieldstone wall is gradually building as I find more and more stones buried in the fields.

Not sure where the Praying Mantis went to rest next after the photo op, but for sure now long gone from the lavender bush that it was perched upon.