Monday, November 29, 2010

Objects reborn

I've learned over time that whatever wisdom we gain in life has not so much to do with the experiences we have, but rather the meaning we assign to those experiences, and how we look backwards to view them from our current vantage point.
These very old oak boards are being recycled for a new dining room floor.  This view is from the stairs in the front hall looking down into the dining room. The kitchen hickory floors can be seen beyond the doorway.  These floors need to be sanded as we are salvaging usable pieces and some are still surface stained from the tragedies of every day life in their past.  Once sanded, it too will be coated with Tung Oil and left to naturally darken with time.

These treasures were pulled from the soil as I dug up the front flower beds.  I always find oyster shells, bones, square nails, and iron pieces.  These appear to be two heavy circular rings and one pony size/foal size horseshoe.  Some of the pottery shards appear to date from the 1700's or earlier, others are within the last 100 years.  Maybe I'll find another coin soon!

This week we should have the dining room floor finished, the heat connected (getting brisk and nippy out there!), the master bathroom tiling completed, and the second floor annex side finished painted. 

There are so many things in life to be grateful for, so many people to appreciate who have a presence in our lives.


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