Thursday, December 23, 2010


The first snow of the winter, nice shot taken by Paul.

Dining room floor, completed with antique oak, looks like a patchwork quilt

The soaking tub, almost finished tilework from Steve.

Living room floor finished finally, hickory courtesy of Carlisle Wood Floors and Mike and his crew from Chester River Carpentry, awaiting Tung Oil coating.

Finished guest room on the second floor annex, floor paint really makes a difference!

My finished tile job in the utility room.

We are so very very close to completion.  Kitchen cabinets arrived, awaiting countertop next week, appliances ordered, security system/cameras, closets....soon plumbing and electricity will be completed and then the final inspection from the bank and building inspector.....and then......moving in!!!

Almost three years.

Patience allows you to see past the at times opaque seeming barriers that threaten to dampen your view, and encourages you to focus instead on the bright outcomes just beyond reach, stretching and reaching, enlarging your world.

Love does all that with grace.


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