Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fog of the early morning

Woke up this morning and was treated to the most unusual sight.  It looked as if the field behind the house was covered in snow, but it was a low cloud of fog that was sleeping on the winter-bare field.
You can see the new solar panels are up, just waiting to finish the wind turbine installation and to bury the power line under the driveway.
Soon, no more electricity bills.  Woo woo!

You can see our anenometer, lonely on that pole, which was working until very recently.  I think Hurricane Sandy scared it into silence, while it played around with the shingles and destroyed the roof.  Our entire roof is being replaced within the next two weeks as it was damaged from the wind that hit the house, probably due to the extreme windspeeds generated from the wide open field.

Hope is waiting for the deer to emerge from the fog.  We almost hit a large buck who was strolling across the driveway for his early evening vine dinner at sunset a few weeks ago.  The deer are very clever you know, they stand in the field and it almost seems like they're mocking the dogs until the dogs go inside for the evening, then they have a feast.

Happy holidays!


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