Thursday, June 7, 2012

Transit of Venus and other progress

We ran outside to try to capture the Transit of Venus across the sun, but didn't have the proper lense to see it in the photo.  We were lucky to see the sun at all because it was behind clouds until just prior to sunset.  You have to use your imagination here to know that Venus is sprawling across the right lower corner of the sun here.  Imagine also that this house has seen at least three of these events since 1760.

This is what a stack of grapevine shelters looks like.  The two rows behind are completed shelters around the vines.

Hope and Teke making sure the bugs stay on the driveway and don't invade the vineyard.  Now you can see that all the shelters are constructed and protecting the young vines

Mia surveying her queendom and vineyard from the front porch.

First bouquet of the season, the intense fragrance from these David Austin roses is incredible.

Lavender is in full bloom now.

Lavender field flourishing under Teke and Hope's very somber and serious attention to their duties.

Veggie garden and patio very very slowly taking shape. We're waiting for the fence to plant veggies other than tomatoes.  

Seems like the weather is all over the map, but mostly really beautiful now.  We replaced over 30 Chardonnay vines to replace the ones that just didn't bud up, and have around 60 Sauv Blanc that need replacement  too, but aren't available now until Spring 2013.  Otherwise, the challenges with the Canadian Thistle continues, and although we're vigilant, we seem to be losing the battles lately.  The good news is that the muscadine survived transplant except for one vine.  

Solar panels will be complete in a few weeks, and the wind turbine is pending county zoning approval, which will take another month.  Green Energy from Easton is doing a terrific job developing our hybrid energy system to power the farm and house.

Hope you are enjoying the late spring.


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