Saturday, May 5, 2012


Sunrise at HU, just the right amount of rain and sunshine lately has caused spring to break out in a riot.

Teke was caught by surprise by the low flying crop duster....who is very careful not to hit the vineyard. Teke and Hope did fulfill their mission as vineyard dogs this morning and scared away tulip crunching deer from the frontyard.  They are going to be great deer guards!  Ty has slowly been putting up the shelters for the vines, only 2,700 plus vines means a whole lotta shelters to construct.  One row finished, 19 rows to go.

Surprise delivery this week, 120 lavender plants ready for planting party fun on Sunday.

The lavender beds are almost completely prepared, just have to measure the planting distance, and dig the spot.  

That's all for now, 20 muscadine waiting to go in the ground.



  1. hello kate, this is megan meeks my family use to live and own the farm and i just want to let you know that i find it very sweet and kind to give the family farm house a new "touched up" look, and when i attended the open house i was very pleased with the design and the progress you have made and if you ever need any help with anything on the farm such as with your lavender or grape vineyards i would be very happy and willing to help and you can feel free to get in touch with me and or my family. best of luck megan.

  2. Hi Megan!

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words, I'm happy that you like the work we're doing here, and I was glad to meet you and your family. Feel free to come by anytime to visit. There's always plenty to do here as you know, and your offer to help is very kind. Best, Kate

  3. Kate-
    It looks like you are moving right along. How are the grapes doing with all the rain we've been having?

    I see you had an open house! I am so sorry I missed that! Please be sure to let me know if you plan on another - I would LOVE to see this wonderful old home and all of your work in person.

    I am still searching for my own old house in the area. Tried to find the ones you had mentioned with no luck.

    Can't wait to see the lavender! One of my favorites!!

    Lori Pierce