Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer days

The summer is passing by, the corn is growing taller, the roses are starting to establish, and the linden tree is home to butterflies once again.

Where is the time going?

It's tough to imagine we're more than halfway through the summer.  

I've had a lot of plans of things I wanted to do this summer but the heat robbed me of the energy and my job has challenged me with management of my time.

It's a great treat to be at home when I'm here, and to relax with all the beauty around.  I'm amazed to see these roses blooming, all the different varieties.

I'm also looking forward to the cooler weather of summer to finally push away this heat.

We've had lots of thunder, lightening, and heavy rains.  The other night it sounded like the wind was going to break the windows it was so stormy.  The skies are very dramatic lately and lovely to photograph.

Stay cool out there, and take time to enjoy the natural art around you.


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