Monday, July 4, 2011

Roses.  They all smell so different.  I planted David Austin Old English Rose varieties.  Some of them are from the 1700's.  This is a variety called Abraham Darby climbing rose.

This bouquet includes lavender, an varieties Crown Princess Margaret, and the Generous Gardner climbing roses.

The front door took many weeks of restoration.  Just needs a protective coat now.  The Amish wreath is a braided rope and is a sign of welcome among Amish in this area.

Thinking a lot lately about existential questions, as I marvel at the survival of this house.  I've been here through blizzards and heat waves, near tornado winds and droughts.  And the house remains standing. Still.

Leads me to ponder our own survival.  What are we really here for? Why do the things happen to us in our lives happen when they do? Is there a greater purpose? Is this all just random chaos? Do we have the beliefs we do to help us survive, to comfort ourselves in a world that seems at times confused of meaning,  or is it ever possible to see the reality of life mechanics without a view colored by distortion when bad things happen?  No matter how many storms we weather, how can we see if the windows are covered in mud?  

What about the great stuff?  Are these our gifts? Or merely moments of coincidence or luck? For examplen, the house and I had the good fortune to find one another, or was it supposed to happen for some greater good? I think the way you view your life reflects many things, culture, life experience, historical context, and core belief system which can be shaped by upbringing, religion, or insight.  This house was built to last, after all.

If you pare down all the extra stuff, perhaps the views are remarkably similar regardless of all these complicating things.

Maybe we all essentially need to love and be loved, feel safe, and have beauty in our lives, in addition to critical items like food, clothing and shelter to be in our best state of mind.  And if we don't experience it in our external world, we create it in our internal world.  Through imagination and defenses.  Just because we can.  

What do you think?


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