Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pure joy

First spring daffodils making their way into the kitchen.  Finally moved in and finishing up!

View from the kitchen door.  The pantry to the left is covered with front door shutters, using shutter pins from HU and shutters from another house from the 1700's.

View towards the kitchen door, the door was stripped to its original color from the 1700's.  I'm going to clear coat it and let it be.  We have resin paper on to protect the floors while the work finishes up.

Artifacts from digging in the front garden.

Pulled up the brick path and placed it on the driveway while I corrected the grade of the soil.  Front door has been pulled to restore it. Found a great period door for the back (original front) of the house and hinges for both doors from Mike at Old House Parts Company in Maine.  The door and hinges should be here soon, and then we're just about done.

Preparation for the front garden is taking a lot of time and energy...almost ready to plant. The driveway needs to be topped off, it's taken a beating the past two winters and is now a muddy mess.

Don't forget to dream! Take a chance to pursue your dreams. Hopes and dreams are what keep us moving forward into the great unknown, they keep us inspired and encouraged when times are tough, and bring us incredible delight when they manifest.  It's difficult to believe it'll be three years since I dreamed of rescuing this home, and the work is almost complete.  Of course there will be limitless opportunities to continue to improve, repair, and renew parts of the house, but for now it's time to savor and appreciate just being in this beautiful, peaceful space.  We are going to have a big celebration here when it's complete, it'll be a chance to pause and thank everyone who supported this project.


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