Thursday, March 3, 2011


Many gifts received today, of many kinds.  This delightful treat came early today after years of searching for evidence of the original artisans who constructed the house, I noticed these initials baked in the bricks just east of the small porch enclosure on what would have been the original front (south side) of the house.  During the 1700's most if not all brick used in construction was typically obtained and produced on site.  This is a really interesting find! Graffitti of the 1700's.  I'm still hoping to find a date for the building somewhere...

And the gift of water, freshly cleaned and softened from the well.  First time running water has ever been delivered inside the house.  Ever.  The house has been standing over 200 years.

The master bathroom taking shape, almost finished now.

Another view of the bath, mirror yet to be installed.

The kitchen, after I sanded and oiled the soapstone.  Cabinets to be finished up sometime this week.

And the best gift of all, delivered in True Grit style (that's the building inspector looking ominous on the right, and the general contractor, Jeff, on the left).......

The certificate of occupancy!! Woo woo!! Jeff (owner of Chester River Carpentry), couldn't be smiling any broader.  Tough to know who's happier we're finishing up: him or me.  What's your guess?


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