Saturday, January 8, 2011

I.U. Church/Chester Parish

In 1698 The Chester Parish was formed between St. Paul's and Shrewsbury Parishes.  Charles Groome was one of the original vestrymen of the I.U Church, which was included as part of the Chester Parish.  This photo is in the graveyard of the church, after a fresh and very quiet snowfall today.  The church is located approximately a mile up the road from Hopeful Unity, and on the National Historic Register.

This is the front of the church, but sadly not the original stucture that stood in this place when Charles was still alive.  The church has been rebuilt at least once before.  Kate Hepburn's grandfather was a leader in this church as well and she used to spend time at this church as a young child. 

Back to work on Monday for the final phases of completion.  Kitchen cabinets and countertop has arrived.  The mason has done a great job repointing the chimney and corners of the house.  The plan is to finish the floors first.  All that's left after that are putting on storm windows, bringing in the appliances, and finally connecting light switches and fixtures, and toilets. 

The snowflakes today were large and floated slowly down.


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