Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cycle of a season

Time has slipped away, a simple murmuration.  Where did it go so fast?

Maybe it vanished like a blue tail skink that slides noiselessly under the door.

Much beauty has appeared in its place

as a wispy dream,

a fond memory,

or peaceful reverie.

Growth, at once jumped up riotous,

giggling like a child,

and carried its potential gently.

Harvest time in the fall brought great treasures,

though much work separating the kernel from the hulls even though the oats were supposed to be hull-less, and we had to keep milling bit by bit to flatten the flake,

so that we could enjoy some apple crumble with homemade ice cream!

New fruit, pomegranate, was an unexpected treasure from this first year tree,

and our only 2013 grape bunch harvest holds the promise of much greater excitement, and healthy anticipation of the work ahead with our first full harvest in 2014.

Even our vegetable garden brought many gifts, as well as an overabundance of food that we shared with friends, but are still eating as the spring (lucky us!)

 Warmth will soon overtake the winter freeze.

This new year will bring many cherished gifts to the farm and the house, as our dear family and friends, and our newest babies and friendships, will find much love here.


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