Monday, June 18, 2012

A little sunshine and water is all it takes...

Super vine reaching the first wire ahead of all the rest!  All of the replacement Chardonnay vines we planted a couple of weekends ago are now doing well.   The vines are working their way up the bamboo stakes and now come the Japanese beetles :(

The backyard patio is not forgotten, however, wet sand is not the easiest thing to transport in a wheel barrow, especially when the tires are flat.  Luckily, fix-a-flat is a great solution.  This sand base sits over a packed crush base, soon to be covered by antique brick pavers.  Slow, exhausting work, but really fun.

Labyrinth in the grass field....

Linden tree in late spring bloom.  The lighter leaves aren't a sunlight reflection, they're actually part of the flower.  It's starting to attract butterflies.  The three saucer magnolias  right in  front of the house are finally taking off this season.  We also planted peach, apple, pawpaw, quince, olive, pomegranate, fig, and almond trees, along with lilac and two other magnolia varieties.  And a stewartia tree.  I guess more accurately we planted sticks, because these bare root trees are small and puny right now, but will be big trees one day.

Front garden lavender doing very nicely.

Time for dinner......


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