Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wells and markers

This morning, I noticed this stone sitting under the Linden tree, now that all the leaves have fallen.  It may be a marker for a pet long gone, or maybe even for a person.

Suena has been accompanying me on my adventures in the back yard.  She helped me set out the garden and made herself comfortable on the tarp as I weighted it down with brick.

She even helped me discover the original well!

After a solid rain all of a sudden there was this gaping hole in the ground.  So I started to enlarge it and was surprised by what I found.

Note the stone layer about two feet below the soil surface.

The stone created a square foundation for the top and the brick was laid below.  At some point there was a pipe connected, but the direction is away from the house.  Maybe adapted for the farm?

 Some treasures from the digging.

Cleaned them up a bit.

Hope you discover many great things in 2012.


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