Friday, January 28, 2011

Tung Oil

Amazing that it's snowing and erasing color in the world and it's above freezing.....but now for the great news:

The floors look amazing with three coats of Tung Oil.  We're gonna do one last coat to eliminate some uneven spots due to minor raised wood grain and absorbtion challenges.  This is the original kitchen door, don't know why the tiny window is in the place it's at.  That semmi-circular spot you can see below the door knob on the left side of the door is actually where the wood has worn completely away from fingers catching the side of the door.  The corner to the right will house the refrigerator.

Don't blink! On Monday this will be the view of the cabinets and countertop. The square at the top of the boxed in chimney is the cut through for the range vent, which goes directly to the outside horizontally. 

Front entry way, the grain looks really beautiful

AJ and Matt from Chester River Carpentry hard at work, doing the painstaking detail work before they get ready to put the final Tung Oil coat down.  This is the master bedroom looking into the hallway.

This photo is really neat because you can see the new floor, the old rescued oak dining room floor, and the new kitchen floor in one view, and the new stain exactly matches the old stain. Pretty cool, eh?  You can also see how wide the boards were in the 1700's when they made the threshold between the walls of the house to connect the kitchen wing - that's one solid piece cut into four sections to frame the inside of the doorway.  

Next week is a big one, cabinets, countertop, storm windows....pretty soon it's time for the occupancy certificate.....and then moving in!


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