Wednesday, May 19, 2010


One of the very nice features of the house is the original staircase.  The person who designed and built this gem had an older person or women in high heels in mind.  The risers are very shallow and the steps wide, so it feels like you're gliding upstairs.  Unusual for a house from this time period.

Also unusual are the ceiling heights throughout the structure, very very tall.  Difficult for us short people to scrape and paint the top places.  I got as far as I could on this tall ladder and had to leave a tiny bit of the plaster and paint on this handcarved panelling for someone taller than me to remove.  We are leaving the green plaster intact, it's in good shape.  We are leaving the panelling exposed here as it's so beautiful!   And yes, the spindles on the bannister are different on the second floor from the first floor.  Not sure if they are both original, or if not, which came first.

Getting ready for the drywall, can't wait!


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