Sunday, March 28, 2010

Linden Tree

This is the gift of the previous owner.  He took out all the other old trees that were surrounding the house, but left this one intact.  There is a beautiful photo by Shirley Hampton Hunt with HU in the background and all the old trees surrounding it in her book "The Vanishing Landscape".  (HU was also pictured in What's Up Eastern Shore a year ago in an article of houses that were falling down at the time).  

My plan is to drive around the area and capture all the old trees in photos and to have the photos enlarged and displayed in HU when she's finished. 

This tree is remarkable.  Two years ago in the fall I noticed the tree seemed to be in motion, and when I looked more carefully, I saw monarchs all over it!  Must be a byway for the migration.  It flowers in the spring, nice smell, and the leaves are used in jellies and jams, and as a tea to help relax and enhance sleep onset (tilia officinalis).

On my commute to work everyday, looks like maybe an oak from the shape.

Old sycamore on the road to HU.

Definitely an oak,  seen on my daily commute.

Forgotten orchard, next to the old sycamore above.

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